5th International Water Industry Conference 2019

3tue ~ 6fri September 2019
EXCO, Daegu, Korea



Daegu SAMSUNG Creative Campus

Date/Time Wednesday, September 4 2019, 18:40-21:00

Location 51, Hoam-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
Website www.dscc.co.kr

Daegu SAMSUNG Creative Campus is where global Samsung's dream started.

It is an open space where communication and culture are combined, and a cradle of entrepreneurship that opens up the future through innovation and challenges.
It consists of four zones: Venture start-up zone, Cultural venture convergence zone, Resident convenience zone and Samsung zone.
We are going to visit Venture start-up zone and Intangible Cultural Property Exhibition hall.

Korea Water Cluster

Date/Time Friday, September 6 2019, 09:30-15:00

Location 20, Gukgasandan-daero 40-gil, Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
Website www.watercluster.or.kr

  • Korean Bulgogi

  • Suseong Lake Nightscape Tour

  • Suseong Lake Nightscape Tour

Main Businesses of Water Cluster

Water Fusion Research

Water fusion research center methodically processes entire procedures for water cluster R&D such as developing research in water, research design, research execution, verification, and evaluation. As the technical control tower that integrates functions of each facility, it works on developing core technology, original technology, prospect technology and customized technology by utilizing water cluster infrastructures(verification test beds, laboratory).

Examinations and Inspections

As a institution specialized in analysis of water quality, Water Cluster promotes oversea expansion of companies in water industry by contributing to securement of stability of water quality and issuing international verification exam results.

Facilities for Verification

General facilities for verification that can evaluate the degree of completion of technology related to water developed by companies and universities(parts, devices, process technology, material, unit technology, control system) and the performance of new technology necessary for advancing to domestic and foreign water markets.

Global Business

Global Business Center solves difficulties arising in the process of commercialization of water industries in Korea, and supports promotion and business activities of companies for expanding oversea and pioneering oversea markets.

Operating a platform for supporting companies to solve difficulties in various areas such as finance, taxation, legislation, technology and promotion that arise in the commercializing process of companies.

Dodongseowon Confucian Academy

Location 726, Gujiseo-ro, Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

Dodongseowon Confucian Academy is one of the largest in Korea.

It was built in 1568, closed during the Japanese invasion of 1592, and rebuilt in 1605 in its present location. The notable features of Dodong are its mud walls, its 'Jungjeong-dang' auditorium, and its 400-year old gingko trees.