Specific Program_Sep.13(Thu)


Session 5

- Date : 2018.9.13.(Thu) 14:00 – 16:00
- Venue : EXCO Room No.324A
- Title : Smart Technology for Urban Water Reuse
- Main contents : Smart Technology for Urban Water Recycle

Time Theme Speaker
(Chairman : Wontae Lee, Professor, Kumoh National Institute of Technology)
14:00~14:25 25‵ [KEYNOTE SPEECH]
Dehalogenation of Organic Compounds in Disinfected Wastewater Effluent
Baiyang Chen (Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, China)
14:25~14:45 20‵ Water Treatment and Recycling Business in Korea MyoungGoo Hwang (Senior Manager, KUMHO E&C, Korea)
14:45~15:05 20‵ Membrane Bioreactor Sewage Treatment by Applying a Two-stage Coagulation Control based on Pre-coagulation Junghun Shin (Senior Researcher, Taeyoung E&C, Korea)
15:05~15:25 20‵ Fate and Effect of Contaminants of Emerging Concern in the Urban Water Cycle Seungdae Oh (Professor, KyungHee University, Korea)
15:25~15:45 20‵ Reactive Activated Carbon decorated by Metallic Nanoparticles for Water Contaminants Removal Yuhoon Hwang (Professor, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Korea)
15:45~16:00 15‵ Groundwater Level Fluctuation and Recharging Characteristics in a Delta Country like Bangladesh Areef Anowar Khan (Executive Engineer, Department of Public Health Engineering)

Session 6

- Date : 2018.9.13.(Thu) 16:15 – 17:55
- Venue : EXCO Room No.324A
- Title : Software-based Water Industry in the 4th Industrial Revolution
- Main contents : Software-based Water Industry and Introduction of Related Technology

Time Theme Speaker
(Chairman : Kwangtae You, CEO, UnU Inc.)
16:15~16:20 5‵ Opening Remarks Kwangtae You
(CEO, UnU Inc.)
16:20~16:45 25‵ [KEYNOTE SPEECH]
Development of Protocol to Optimize Electricity Consumption and Environmental Impacts of Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation
Prof. Yejin Kim
(Catholic University of Pusan)
16:45~16:50 5‵ Q&A
16:50~17:05 15‵ Development of Hybrid Newton Method for Activated Sludge and Biofilm Process Simulation Kwangtae You
(CEO, UnU Inc.)
17:05~17:10 5‵ Q&A
17:10~17:25 15‵ 4th Industrial Revolution and Water Leakage Detection Technology Kwanghyun Choi
(Managing Director, USOL Co.,Ltd)
17:25~17:30 5‵ Q&A
17:30~17:45 15‵ Development of Sensor and Data-driven Program for Improving Water Treatment Facilities Heekyong Oh
(Principal Research Engineer, Daewoo E&C)
17:45~17:50 5‵ Q&A
17:50~17:55 5‵ Closing Remarks Kwangtae You
(CEO, UnU Inc.)