5th International Water Industry Conference 2019

3tue ~ 6fri September 2019
EXCO, Daegu, Korea

Welcome Message


Nice to meet you.
Dear, Participants of the 2018 International Water Industry Conference.
On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I sincerely welcome you.

This is the fourth time as this international water industry conference was launched in the wake of the 7th World Water Forum in 2015. Having accumulated the experience of the previous event, the theme of this year’s event was set as "New Paradigm of Water Industry".

I am Kwon Young Jin, the mayor of Daegu Metropolitan City.

Our vision for this event is "Leading R&D and Business Global Exchange Platform for Sustainable National Water Industry Development". We will also act as a window for international exchanges between industry, academia, research, and government, and a window for research and development, as well as for overseas expansion of water companies in connection with Korea Water Cluster(KWC) and for attracting investment.

The topics we are dealing with are wide in water management technology and the water industry. However, this year, due to the limited time and space, it consisted of one Pre-workshop, two Plenary sessions and eight General sessions.

The Pre-workshop is organized by the Korea Water Cluster Conference (KWCC) and consists of the National Water Industry Cluster Special Workshop(Water Industry Vision and Strategy of Water Company in KWC) and Welcome Party. The two Plenary sessions will each be the Future of the Water Industry(Global Trend in Water Technology) and the Anammox Technology(Anammox Diversity, Metagenome and Application).

The topics of eight General sessions are: Convergence Technology Nexus for Water Industry, Reconstruction of Aging Water and Wastewater Facilities and Advanced O&M, Membrane Technology for Customized Water Production, Cooperation between Daegu Metropolitan City and Global Water Industry(Business) Cities, Smart Technology for Urban Water Recycle and Reuse, Software-based Water Industry in the 4th Industrial Revolution, Energy Positive Sewage Treatment Technology, Blending Technology of Sea Water and Fresh Water.

The national water industry cluster(KWC), which will be promoted as a national project to drive Korea's water industry development, will be constructed by the end of this year, will be test operated in the first half of next year, and will be operated in the second half of the year. We have invited domestic and foreign experts who will lead the development of water management technology, which is a key element of water industry development, at the important point of development of water industry in Korea. I am very pleased to be holding the 4th International Water Industry Conference 2018 event with the water companies that will become the leaders of the water industry promotion through commercialization of water technology and overseas expansion.

Daegu City is a UNESCO-designated Creative Music City and Nakdong River Water Culture Center city. Study hard during the day and thoroughly explore Daegu with its full of heat at night. Thank you very much.

Kwanghyun Nam
Chairman of 2018 IWIC Organizing Committee