Social Events


Korea, the venue of Water Industry 2017 has a lot of valuable culture and sightseeing. Gyeongju in particular has a special place in Korean history. Water Industry 2017 participants will join various tour programs to exchange and experience culture. You can see all details about tour program below and if you want to join the tour programs, please check “Attend” in social program when register.

Pohang Technical Tour

Date Time Schedule Price
September 22 13:30-18:30 Hilton Gyeongju → Posco → P-POWELL → Hilton Gyeongju USD 20

※ This program is subject to change due to unforeseen issues.


Pohang steel mill was created in the early 1980s at Yeongilman Bay with a view of breaking away from the agriculture-centered industry of the 1960s and launching the area into the heavy chemical industry. The construction of the steel mill lasted from 1970 to 1981. At the POSCO History Center, visitors can learn how the steel mill operates and how POSCO emerged as one of the most competitive companies in the world within just three decades. The bus tour of the steel mill has become a popular tour course for business travelers.